NEW CBSE Class 10th Sample Papers 2020 – All Subject Model Papers

Education is the foundation for human development, and with time we have developed new ways and methods of teaching and learning. But these days, education is not just limited to learning and teaching, it has now become a competition, especially in CBSE. Gone are the days when students use to struggle for passing marks, now is the time where students are no more happy with the ’60s and ’70s. They are starving to get percentage in the ’80s and ’90s. And without sample papers your preparation to get 90 + marks is incomplete.

As we know that CBSE keeps on modifying its paper pattern after every 1 or 2 years, and this year too they have slightly modified the paper pattern. So, to get familiar with the paper pattern and syllabus it is important to practice from the latest CBSE sample papers for class 10th. In this article, we have covered sample papers and model papers for class 10th for the year 2019-20.

NEW CBSE Class 10th Sample Papers 2020 – All Subject Model Papers

The zeal and hunger to reach 90% among student are such that they are willing to put any amount of effort and hard work. School classes seem just too short to fuel their ambitions, and maybe this is the reason why students take extra tuition classes, be it online or offline. For these kinds of students, it is important to practice from the latest sample papers and model papers.

The paper pattern given in the sample papers here is set according to the latest paper pattern released by CBSE for the year 2019 – 20. Following is the list of all subjects and their model papers for 10th.

CBSE 10th Mathematics Sample Paper 2020

Math is like a video game, the game is interesting till we are clearing the levels, as soon as we get stuck at some point, then the game looks pretty boring and hard. Just like the game math becomes boring if we are stuck at some problem. But, if we stay persistent and don’t give up easily then sooner or later we will find the solution and reach the next level. And to reach the next level in 10th math you need to practice the sample papers.

Though it is just a subject, math can bring in important qualities like patience, hard work and will power. So, next time when you are with math, think of it as a life teacher than just a boring subject.

CBSE 10th Science Sample Papers 2020

Science is taken from the Latin word ‘Scientia’ which means ‘knowledge’. The word in itself defines the essence of this subject. For someone who is not seeking knowledge it just another subject added unnecessarily to class 10th. But, for those who really want to know how and why things happen, for them science is life.

It is because of science that we humans have made it our life easier and have gotten so advanced that we can easily recover from any natural calamities. Therefore, science is a subject that should be given utmost priority. And your love for science will reflect on your mark sheet, so make sure to practice science sample papers.

CBSE 10th Social Science Sample papers 2020

Social science is often referred to as one of the most annoying subjects in 10th class of CBSE. Maybe because of the fact that it is the collection of different subjects i.e history + geography + political science + civics. No wonder why Social science is so unpopular among students. But, if given bit attention and time, this subject can make a difference in your percentage in board exams.

All you need to do is keep the important facts and points in mind and then you can build on those points in the exam. Trust me, this is the best way to write lengthy answers. You can practice this via the Social science sample papers given here.

CBSE 10th English Sample papers 2020

English has become the necessity in India, no matter where you go if you are not good at English, then professional life is surely going to be difficult. In your school life, English is just a subject, but out there in the real world, it can become the difference between success and failure. So, if you tool it lightly until now, then stop doing it and take it seriously. Practice the latest English sample papers and master this subject.

Those who find English easy and don’t bother to give it time, they are missing a great opportunity to boost their overall percentage. Just give half an hour daily to English and you will see the difference in the final exams.

CBSE 10th Hindi Sample Papers 2020

Believe it or not Hindi is there in the syllabus of CBSE class 10th, and it will always be there. Some people treat Hindi as if it is not there in the syllabus, the only time they pay any heed to this subject is in the final board exams. And the only thing they look for is the 10th Hindi sample papers.

But, if only you stop being so ignorant about this beautiful subject, you will find the importance of it. Hindi is actually a very hard subject, it’s just that we are so familiar with it that we find it easy. But if you ask someone who is new to it, s/he will tell you what it is like to deal with Hindi.

Give some time to this subject and try to understand the technicality of it, not for the board exam, but for the sake of your love for this nation and it’s culture.

Final words

Hope you have got the sample papers for class 10th

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